Blood Pressure Measuring Devices

iHealth monitor

Type: Digital monitor
Multiple cuff sizes: Yes
Lowest price: $39.99
User ratings: 4.5

The iHealth Track Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the best blood pressure monitors. Clinically accurate, and very easy to operate with only two buttons, this device doesn’t need calibration or any other requirement prior to operating it.

Its colorful and large display makes it easy to read your blood pressure and comes with a color-coded system that will indicate if your blood pressure is optimal (green), slightly elevated (yellow), or high (red). What’s interesting about this device is that it can automatically detect any heart rhythm disturbances so you can get an accurate reading every time. If anomalies are found, the device will indicate it after the measurement is taken.

Further, it can track up to 99 readings on the monitor itself and you can also use the free iOS and Android application to get unlimited readings on your phone.

OMRON Platinum Blood Pressure Monitor

Type: Digital monitor
Multiple cuff sizes: No
Lowest price: $52
User ratings: 4.5

The OMRON Platinum Upper Arm Monitor is another excellent choice for a pressure monitor and cuff available on the market. It comes with an adjustable one-size cuff and a powerful device that can store up to 200 readings for 2 users. It works with OMRON’s Connect app and is also compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

The Platinum monitor features a high-morning indicator that alerts the user if the systolic or diastolic measurements are not within the normal range first thing in the morning. What’s more, the monitor comes with an additional indicator that alerts where there is a higher risk for a stroke or heart attack.

As for the monitor itself, it features a high-contrast black and backlit dual-display LCD screen that allows for easy and quick reading. It also lets users compare previous readings with their current ones for a further understanding of their health.

A&D Medical Deluxe Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Type: Digital monitor
Multiple cuff sizes: No
Lowest price: $62
User ratings: 4.5

The A&D Medical Deluxe Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is clinically validated for accuracy, featuring 30 reading memory on the device and the option to connect, for free, to the A&D Heart Track application (Android and iOS) on phones or tablets for unlimited data storage.

It is very easy to use and comes with an automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor that has only one button to operate. To use it, you simply push the start button and the blood pressure measurement will begin. After it’s done, the bright and simple display will show your results.

A&D’s blood pressure monitor comes with a useful feature that detects any heart-rate irregularities that will alert the user.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor Comparison

The monitor and cuffs mentioned in this article are very similar, but there are a few things that make some more remarkable than others.

To begin, the iHealth Track Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor presents a relatively low price for a digital monitor and cuff combo, that can be used with a free synced app to access unlimited readings. It also features various cuff sizes so you can choose the best one for your body size. The display is big and readable and overall the device is easy to use. Perhaps the only “downside” of this monitor is that it only supports 99 readings, but can be easily solved by switching to the app.

Next, the OMRON Platinum Blood Pressure Monitor has a slightly higher price but is still in the affordable category, and features storage data for 200 readings for 2 people. It is great for families and can also be used with a paired app that grants more storage for readings. It does not offer multiple cuff sizes, but the one that comes with the device can be adjustable up to its limit.

Finally, the A&D Medical Deluxe Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor presents a clinically-approved accuracy and can be used with a phone application. This device can only store data for 30 readings before needing to switch to the app, so this can become an inconvenience for older people.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor & Cuff Overall

Overall, we came to the conclusion that the best blood pressure monitor and cuff is the iHealth Track Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor due to its low price and high effectiveness when measuring your blood pressure.

The other devices are still great options but lack a variety of cuff sizes, which are the number one cause of inaccurate blood pressure readings. Using a cuff too tight or too big can result in imprecise results, therefore a wrongful idea of your blood pressure.

We gathered devices that are easy to use and can be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet for further details about your blood pressure reading. Regardless of your choice, this article exposes great options that will suit most individuals. If you require a specific cuff size, the iHealth Track Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor might be the best one to choose.

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